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Front Cover 1
Spine 2
Copyright 6
Table of Contents 7
Front Matter 11
Come and Break My Heart 15
New Year’s Day Robbery at the KeeneToronto Dominion Bank 16
Straw 17
I Love Alcoholics 18
The Revival Tent on Highway 7 19
In the Cold Months 20
At the Wagon Wheel Saloon and Motel 21
This is a Picture of Us 22
The Bums Out Front of the Scott Mission 23
Our Lady of the A & P 24
Picking Up My Brother on the Way to Hastings 25
Riding County Road 3 26
Letters Addressed to 745 Palmerston Avenue 27
I Know the Monday Night Women 29
Because I Don’t Have a Muse 30
Door-Buster Sale, Saturday Morning 31
Greetings from Barton and Bathurst 32
Moving to Doc Ford’s House 33
Sweet Revenge 34
Nig, Son of Debbie 35
I’m Thinking About Memphis 36
Slaughterhouse Sonnet 37
The Properties of Loss 38
There is a Place in Trois Rivières 39
They’ve Gone and Sealed the Gates to Heaven 40
An Honest Woman 41
Your Wife 42
Love and Mortgages 43
Domestic Byzantium 44
If Things Had Been Different 45
Every Time a Lover Asks How Could This Happen? 46
Eulogy Girls 47
Hearing From Jennifer 48
Porn Stars and Pharmaceuticals 49
Things My Psychiatrist Would Say About Me 50
Lady Like You 51
Alphonse and the Egg 52
Women of Tuesday Nights 53
My Father Could Drive for Hours 54
Folding Clothes 55
Some of the Secrets I’ve Kept 56
A List I Found in your Fannie Farmer Cookbook 57
Carpenters’ Wives 58
Beyond Douro County Lines 59
My Best Friends’ Mothers 60
July is for the Rich 61
Riding with Old Irv 62
At Big Ross’s in the Summertime 63
I Found this Eviction Notice 64
I Don’t Know, It May Just Be the Weather 65
I’m Breaking My Heart 66
Old Men Sitting in Dizengoff Square at Night 67
Not a Love Poem 68
That We Could Let the Season Fall 69
Twenty-Fifth Birthday Suit 70
Reckoning a Different Kind of Love 71
Love Me and I’ll Love You 72
Sandstorm on College Street 73
Zombie Love (Haikus) 74
13 More Reasons I’m Single 77
Before the Cosmic Darkness of Warehouses 79
Legs Up to Here 80
Visiting My Village 81
Gutted 82
Beads and Blossoms 83
Your First Affair 84
God Does Not Love You Tonight 85
Back Cover 86
God Does Not Love You Tonight 86

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