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Quebec under Free Trade : M...

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Quebec under Free Trade : Making Public Policy in North America 1
Contents 7
Foreword 9
Partie 1_Quebec in the North American Economy : Historical, Political, Social and Economic Dimensions 11
Chapitre 1_Quebec under Free Trade : Between Interdependence and Transnationalism 13
Chapitre 2_Quebec in North America : Historical and Socio-Political Dimensions 35
Chapitre 3_Quebec International Trade : Trade with American Regions 59
Chapitre 4_Quebec and Its Canadian Partners : Economic Relationships and Trade Barriers 89
Chapitre 5_Quebec-Mexico Relationships : A New Partner 113
Partie 2_The Impact of NAFTA on Quebec Economy and Society 139
Chapitre 6_The Impact of the Free Trade Agreement on Bilateral Trade between Quebec and the United States 141
Chapitre 7_United States/Canada Free Trade Agreement and Quebec Small Business Behaviour 185
Chapitre 8_Adjusting to NAFTA : State Enterprises and Privatization in Quebec in Light of the Mexican and American Experiences) 201
Chapitre 9_Trade Unionism and the State of Industrial Relations in Quebec 221
Chapitre 10_Uneasy Allies : Quebecers, Canadians, Americans, Mexicans and NAFTA1 249
Chapitre 11_Editorials and the Free Trade Agenda : Comparison of La Presse and the Toronto Star 271
Partie 3_Sectorial Analysis : Making Public Policy in North America 301
Chapitre 12_Environmental Policy in Quebec 303
Chapitre 13_Agricultural Policy 321
Chapitre 14_Public Culture and Political Culture 345
Chapitre 15_Telecommunications and Information Technology 373
Appendix_Bill 51 : An Act Respecting the Implementation of International Trade Agreements 405
Glossary 409
The Authors 415

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