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Iceland and Images of the N...

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Iceland and Images of the North 1
Table of Contents 9
Historical Images 37
The Emergence of Nordrlond in Old Norse Medieval Texts, ca. 1100-1400 39
Islands on the Edge: Medieval and Early Modern National Images of Iceland and Greenland 55
The Greco-Roman Heritage and Image Construction in Iceland 1830-1918 81
Old Norse Pery and New Beginnings in Late 18th- and Early 19th- Century Literature 129
Old Norse-Icelandic Literature and German Culture 171
Racist Caricatures in Iceland in the Early 20th Century 201
Monuments to Settlers of the North: A Means to Strengthen National Identity 219
Images of the North, Sublime Nature, and a Pioneering Icelandic Nation 243
Between Nostalgia and Modernity: Competing Discourses in Travel Writing about the Nordic North 269
Contemporary Images 297
Banking on Borealism: Eating, Smelling, and Performing the North 319
Drinking in Iceland and Ideas of the North 343
Nature, Nostalgia, and Narrative: Material Identity in Icelandic Design 365
The Use of English in Iceland: Convenience or a Cultural Threat? A lingua Franca or Lingua Detrimental? 387
The Gender-Equal North: Icelandic Images of Femininity and Masculinity 419
Staging the Nation: Performing Icelandic Nationality during the 1986 Reykjavik Summit 449
The New Viking Wave: Cultural Heritage and Capitalism 475
Foreign Fictions of Iceland 495
The North and the Idea of Iceland Contemporary Cross-Cultural Construction of Representations of Iceland 527
Reflecting Images: The Front Page of Icelandic Tourism Brochures 545
Nation-Branding: A Critical Evaluation. Assessing the Image Building of Iceland 567

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